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Once upon a time, this site used to sell board games. Now we have converted it to hold the reviews that you have sent us over the years.

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Great Board Games Gift Ideas!

...for the Family

Especially during the holidays, a board game is a great way to spend time together. Quality parent/child interation is so important for a family, and these board games will have you laughing and talking for hours together.

...for the Geek

It's not an insult! Wear the label with pride. For those of us (that's right, US) who love to hunch over a table furiously solving complex strategic puzzles, here's a list of some of our favourite board games.

Free Board Games:

Yes, you read correctly. Free. Mesopotamia is a print-and-play strategy board game, kind of like History of the World. We think it's an interesting game and a great challenge, so hurry up and download your free board games now!

Board Game Reviews:

We write board game reviews for all our board games because we want to help you find the right one. And we love it when other people chip in thier 2 cents. Help us out, as well as all the other board gamers out there, by writing your own board game reviews. We want to know what's good (and bad?) about these games, so let's get those board game reviews coming in!

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