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Read Reviews / Buy Card Games

Read Reviews / Buy Card Games

Card Games

Everyone's first exposure to card games was probably playing Go Fish with their grandmother or other family member. At Rainy Day Games, we seemed to have moved up to board games in our early teens and it wasn't until a couple of years ago that we rediscovered card games as the great strategic challenge they can be. We're always looking to buy card games which will improve our cabinet.

And really, when you're taking a car trip or hopping on a cross-town bus over to your buddy's house, who wants to carry around Axis and Allies or something. I mean, have you seen the size of that box? Card games are compact. Card games are fun. Card games are affordable. Some card games are serious strategy games. For these reasons, we find a good selection of card games in our cabinet an absolute must.

The card games that we sell aren't the kind played with the 52 card deck of Bicycle cards which are so popular in Canada. Our card games have fun and imaginative themes, and range in difficulty from great family games such as Shipwrecked to the serious challenge of Starship Catan.

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