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Buy Catan Games / Read Catan Game Reviews

Buy Catan Games / Read Catan Game Reviews

Catan Games

A few years ago when the Settlers of Catan board game hit the shores of Canada, it was a shock to a lot of gamers. It caused a huge change in the types of games we played and enjoyed. The Settlers of Catan board games opened up a new universe to us.

Literally, as it turns out. The "Catan Universe" has exploded with expansion after expansion, and now the simple Settlers of Catan board game is dwarfed by the Catan games industry is has created.

Almost any combination of the games here will give you a fantastic gaming session. We're always amazed that we can play these games with almost anyone, from parents to girlfriends to even younger cousins. Catan games that have really stood out for us are The Seafarers of Catan, The Settlers of Catan Card Game and The Starfarers of Catan, but don't hesitate to try any of these fantastic Catan games. For a great gaming session, buy Catan games. It's that simple. Check out our Catan reviews to see which ones suit you.

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