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Read Train Game Reviews / Buy Train Games

Read Train Game Reviews / Buy Train Games

Train Games

Train games kind of snuck up on us at Rainy Day Games. Like a lot of kids in Canada, we grew up in a city without a public rail transportation system, and maybe for that reason we never had the train games fever that seems to grip so many children.

When we started gaming, railroad games were kind of ignored. We played a lot of war games. However, the train games genre is so full of great games that it didn't take long for us to start to buy train games, and our first was Eurorails. It was a great introduction to train games and we've been hooked ever since.

We're proud to offer this selection of train games that we have played and loved. Check out our train game reviews. Parents or gift-givers should definitely take a look at TransAmerica, while gamers looking for a challenge should look at Empire Builder and the series of train games it has spawned. Gamers who are up for it can try one of the premier challenges of the train game genre, 1856. All aboard!

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