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Buy War Games / Read War Game Reviews

Buy War Games / Read War Game Reviews

War Games

War games are what we do at Rainy Day Games. When we get together on a cold Canada winter day to play games and have a good time, war games are always front and center. The thrill and challenge of conquering territory (and each other) is what first got us into gaming, starting with Risk. Since our pre-teen years it has always been war strategy games such as Axis and Allies which fueled our love of the "Games Saturday", a venerable tradition with our crew.

Although we've moved past the Risk war game into other more challenging war games, we love to play the newest version Risk: Risk 2210 A.D. Another war game which gets very high marks from the Rainy Day Games group is Diplomacy for it's total lack of dice and the webs of politics and deception it creates. Check out our war game reviews to see which one suits you best.

Become a General for an afternoon and buy one of these fantastic war games. They have offered years of enjoyment to us. As an investment you just can't beat the challenge and replayability of these war games, and no collection of games is complete without at least a couple.

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