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Game Publisher Sites

Avalon Hill Games - Avalon Hill publishes some of our favourite games, such as Axis and Allies and Monsters Menace America.
Mayfair Games - Mayfair makes a huge variety of games, i.e Settlers of Catan and Empire Builder.
Rio Grande Games - Rio Grande publishes a large selection of award winning games like Carcassonne and Java.
Garry's Games - Right up there with the big guys, we're putting Dr. Garry Stevens, another cool Aussie who MAKES his own board games. Serious, challenging, attractive strategy games that are FREE to you and me. Check him out.

Game Information Sites

BoardgameGeek - A massive database of game reviews, comments and ratings: invaluable resource for board gamers.
The Game Cabinet - The Game Cabinet brings you news and reviews from the gaming world.
The Game Report - The website for the great print magazine. Lots of lengthy, informative reviews.
Luding - A totally non-commercial massive database of game reviews and game publishers.
Globetrotter Games - A cool half-Swedish half-English site with reviews, rules, and original images of many games
Brett & Board - A great games database with reviews and images.
Abstract Strategy Games - A very different focus than our site - a huge historical database of abstract games.
Kulkmann's G@mebox - A personal page that is so long-standing and authoritative we've graduated it to this category. It has a very cool orginal ranking system.
Web-Grognards - This is the resource you need if you're looking for information about war games. Check out their huge resource base.
The Train Gamers Association - This great site has strategies and reviews of train games, especially our favourite Mayfair 18XX series games.

Game Group Sites

Board Stiff! - A New York gaming group with a simple philosophy we love: board games as a social event to bring people together. They welcome people of all walks of life without discrimiation, so check them out to see if you're interested!
Billabong Boardgamers - An Australian gaming group who publish session reports and reviews of the games they play.
GameNight - The page of a gaming group with a lot of great content - reviews and a cool original rating system for their games.
Graduate Library Gamers - Great active gaming group site with some interesting content, especially a Railroad Games Support Page
Game Club of Maryland - GCOM gives you reviews, convention information, and other great gaming information.

Personal Games Sites

BoardGameStuff - Reviews and commentary by gamer Matthew Gray.
Game Zombies - A great review site with many interesting original reviews.
BATs Cave of Games - A personal board game collection, photographed and reviewed. Lots of interesting content about games that he owns.
Dan Becker's Game Site - Mr. Becker writes articles and reviews of interest to himself and everyone else who plays games.
Graceful Boot Board Games - One person's weblog and articles about his gaming life. Lots of interesting observations in his game session reports.
Double R Gamers - The husband and wife team of Ed and Susan Rozmiarek tell you about their gaming life. What a games collection!
Sub Verbis: Gamer - A personal games list and ranking, as well as a brief exposition on the nature of board games we couldn't agree more with. And some interesting non-board game content if you're so inclined.
SOS' Gameviews - Steffen O'Sullivan's great site with dozens and dozens of lengthy, detailed game reviews. Great resource!

Other Sites

Strategy Guides - This is one of our favourite sites for getting a summary of strategy tip when you just finished reading the rules.
Discover Games - A really interesting site more about the board game industry than board games themselves.
Chess and More - For those of you interested in chess, checkers and backgammon
GamesDirectory.org - Board Games Web Directory
Wiebe's Moving and Storage - Awesome moving company located in Winnipeg.

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