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Who Stole Ed's Pants?

      by  Eight Foot Llama
Product # EFL801
Ages 12 and above
Players 3 to 4
Playing Time 1 hour

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The Manufacturer's Card Game Review of Who Stole Ed's Pants?:

Never one to clamor for attention, Ed was happy to ignore the embarrassing theft of his pants and just climb into bed.

But today, he awakens to find that word of the crime is all over town, and everyone is eager to point fingers. Rumors are flying. Wild accusations are made at the drop of a hat. And the police will arrest anyone at all just to quell the uproar.

You need to make sure the mobs don’t come after you. Better yet, plant some evidence on your friends and drop hints as to their less-than-stellar character. Anything goes, because in all the excitement, no one has even bothered to ask Ed the details of the crime. If you can keep your own nose clean, you might even get the credit for turning in the thief of Ed’s pants.

But you’ll need supporters to back you up. Fortunately, there’s plenty of townsfolk who owe you favors and government officials who need allies. Plus, the circus is in town. Choose your friends wisely, because the wrong acquaintances can make you a target...

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