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Whad'Ya Know

      by  Out of the Box
Product # OTB9999
Ages 12 and above
Players 4 to 10
Playing Time 20 to 30

Whad' Ya Know? Not Much. You?

Whad' Ya Know?®
, — The Party Game, is based on Michael Feldman's hilarious public radio quiz show. Earn points by guessing the answers to outrageous questions based on general knowledge, and opinion polls. In each round, a new host poses a question and lively debate follows as players attempt to pick the right answer. Guess right and win!

Tune in to Whad' Ya Know?—The Party Game, for any get-together
with family and friends.
200 Quiz Cards
30 Answer Cards
Divider Card
100 Scoring Chips
Card Tray
Quick Play Rules
Michael Feldman Bobble Head Doll

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