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Top Secret Spies

      by  Rio Grande Games
Top Secret Spies board game
Product # RIO190
Ages 8 and above
No. Of Players 2 to 7
Playing Time About 45 minutes
Game of
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The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Top Secret Spies:

As in any spy story, the action in this game can be turbulent and confusing at times. The players search for top secret information on seven spies, hidden in a safe, which keeps being moved from place to place. Whenever an agent is able to crack the safe, more information becomes available. Each player is the chief of secret service in his country and sends his best agent in this race for information. The players should be careful to keep the identity (color) of their agents secret. To better conceal his agent's cover, each player can move all agents in the game. The player who has managed to move his agent marker the farthest at the end of the game, has collected the most information and wins!

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Top Secret Spies:

Top Secret Spies The Top Secret Spies board game was a revelation to use at Rainy Day Games when we first decided to buy it. Everyone is familiar with the strategy board game genre. You try to maximise your position while limiting or destroying your opponents. But what happens to your standard strategy board game when you have no idea which player controls which piece? And which piece you control yourself is your most closely guarded secret?

Top Secret Spies is not a long board game. It's not a complicated board game. What Top Secret Spies IS is a great, fun, exciting little game that anyone can enjoy, even children. It's true that we rarely base an entire evening's entertainment around this game, but it falls into that group of games that we always have on hand.

You can move any piece on the board on your turn: your own or others. The goal is to maneuver your own piece into scoring position, but if you favor your own piece too obviously other players will quickly neutralise your scoring chances. Bluffing and a good poker face will go a long way to winning Top Secret Spies.

At Rainy Day Games we have a special fondness for games that rely heavily on group interaction. In the Top Secret Spies board game the chatter and body language during and between the turns directly affects the game score. Buy Top Secret Spies and find out just how well you know your friends and family.

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Jon's Board Game Review of Top Secret Spies:

All the reviews you read for the Top Secret Spies board game comment on the same point: this isn't a serious thinking strategy game. I can accept that. But I really enjoy those serious thinking board games.

As I it turned out, I didn't buy Top Secret Spies myself; it came into the game group via another player. I've played it 3 times now, and none of them have been a disappointment, exactly. But this is definitely a light game which helps pass the time or serves as a conversation centre piece. If you come to the table thinking "board games" you might be kind of let down.

So, this isn't exactly a negative review, but a caution to you guys out there. This a great game if you know what you're buying, but don't be mislead into believeing that it's a "strategy game" like you expect from Puerto Rico or Tigris and Euprates.

In retrospect, I had somes laughs when I played the Top Secret Spies board game and it was a very nice way to spend a few hours with my friends. So I suppose that it achieved its purpose. However, it might be good for you to check out the two other games I mentioned if you're looking for something with more depth.

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