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Tigris and Euphrates

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG0491
Ages 12 and above
No. Of Players 3 to 4
Playing Time About 1 hour

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Tigris and Euphrates:

Thousands of years ago, in the fertile land between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, a new civilization flourished. The leaders of the powerful and independent kingdoms were believed to be the earthly representatives of the gods. These leaders developed this new culture, which would last for thousands of years. Many of the most important scientific and cultural inventions would develop under the rule of these leaders. Farmers would discover the wheel and use it for the oxcarts needed to bring produce to market. The characters of cuneiform, the earliest form of writing, were invented long before the Egyptians developed their own hieroglyphics.

Take care! It is your responsibility to see that your dynasty grows and prospers in this land. You must use your four leaders: the King, the Priest, the Merchant, and the Farmer, to accomplish your goal of forging strong kingdoms out of the fledgling settlements that dot the landscape. If necessary, you will further your dynasty's aims at the expense of your neighbors. As the lands available to control are limited, conflicts and takeover attempts are the order of the day.

The key to your victory, however, does not rest in military conquest alone! You must develop all four areas of civilization: Politics, Religion, Trade, and Agriculture. Each of these areas is the responsibility of a different leader, and you must use all four of your leaders together to secure your destiny. No area can be neglected, or your dynasty will be left in the dust. Foresight and careful planning are essential if you want your dynasty to be remembered in the annals of history!

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Tigris and Euphrates:

Tigris and Euphrates game board The Tigris and Euphrates board game is a serious gamer's game. It's one of the most intense strategic battles we own, and it all fits into only an hour. Tigris and Euphrates takes some of the best parts of the German games industry and wraps it in a completely unique scoring system.

The real innovation which shines in this game is that although you must play and develop 4 areas of your civilisation, your score is depends upon your weakest area. That means there's no one-trick strategies or easy ways to win like some people claim to find in strategy games. Only the player who can carefully manage his territory and civilisation to improve their entire situation can claim victory.

While there is a military and conquest facet to Tigris and Euphrates, we don't really classify this as a "war game". There are just too many other facets. And despite the historical setting and theme, Tigris and Euphrates is very much an abstract strategy game. To categorise it with Axis and Allies isn't really fair to either game.

Tigris and Euphrates is a very broad and deep strategy game which will keep you coming back to the games table again and again to try new theories and tactics. This complexity is reflected in the rules, which we admit give this game a bit of a steep learning curve. In honesty, Tigris and Euphrates might not be best suited to casual gamers who just want a quick hour over pizza with their friends. However, for people who would like a more serious challenge without sitting through 3 or 5 hour gaming sessions, Tigris and Euphrates packs a serious punch into a quick 1 hour gaming session. Buy Tigris and Euphrates right away and start the fun.

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Corey's Board Game Review of Tigris and Euphrates:

I rule at Tigris and Euphrates and I wanna brag about it because it's a HARD board game and you should know I'm the best.

But anyway, I have something else to say. You'll read reviews elsewhere about Tigris and Euphrates saying that the theme is "dry". I don't understand that at all. It seems to me that it's at exactly the same level of abstration as Settlers of Catan, and everyone raves about that board game's theme and feel. (btw, I also rule at Settlers)

The graphix on the game board are beautiful, it's an interesting setting, and best of all it's a wicked strategy game. Tigris and Euphrates is one of my current favourites.

In summary, I'd like to say that I rule. Thanks.

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