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Tide of Iron: Days of the Fox

      by  Fantasy Flight Games
Product # FFGTD02
Ages 12 and above
Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 60 to 240 min.

Across the Mediterranean lie the deserts and mountains of North Africawhere soldiers of the British and German armies fight the greatest war in human history. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel leads a brilliant offensive against Commonwealth forces, far exceeding his orders and earning himself the nickname "The Desert Fox."

The Tide of Iron line now expands with the addition of Days of the Fox. This first expansion for Tide of Iron features the introduction of the British army and the North African campaigns, including new terrain tiles, new rules, new units (over 90 new plastic figures in all!), and new scenarios.

  • Nine new geomorphic double-sided map boards featuring the desert terrain of North Africa.
  • The all-new British army, including new soldiers and vehicles.
  • Anti-Tank guns for the British, German, and American armies.
  • New rules, new scenarios, and new specializations.
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