The Settlers of Catan - Replacement Cards

The Settlers of Catan - Replacement Cards

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
The Settlers of Catan - Replacement Cards board game
Product # MFG48331
Ages 10 and above
No. of players 3 to 4
Playing Time About 90 minutes
Requires The Settlers of Catan

Rainy Day Game's Review of the Settlers of Catan Replacement Cards:

Settlers of Catan cards The Settlers of Catan is the kind of game you can play over and over again for years. Our original German set has been played literally hundreds of times and its showing its age.

Its rare for a game to get that much wear and tear over its life time, and thats why most game publishers don't offer replacement components for their games. But Settlers of Catan is a game that is played so much by its owners that Mayfair has released replacement pieces for it.

This is the entire card set from the original box. So if you've lost a card or two, spilled a drink across your cards or your dog needed a chew toy, you can keep on playing your Settlers with original, high-quality replacement cards.

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