Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion

The Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
The Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion board game
Product # MFG0487
Ages 10 and above
No. Of Players 2
Playing Time About 90 minutes
Requires The Settlers of Catan Card Game
Revisions Catan Card Game Expansion Set

This game is only for gamers with the older The Setters of Catan Card Game. Gamers who own the revised Catan Card Game should use the Catan Card Game Expansion Set.

The Manufacturer's Card Game Review of The Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion:

Now you can expand your principality in new directions! The five expansion sets within each feature a different theme to enhance the flavor of your Settlers Card Game experience:

Trade & Change: Commerce and exchange dominate this theme! Why hire knights when your workshops provide all the resources you desire? Run out of what you need? A quick visit to the Pawnbroker will settle that!

Politics & Intrigue: In this theme your secret plans bear fruit! Can you seize control through diplomatic channels? Or should you ally with the Church and excommunicate your foe? Don’t worry about his army, a few coins and his knights will be yours!

Knights & Merchants: Conflict and trade wars are the focus of this theme! Trade fleets battle heartless pirates, while toll stations and watchtowers guard the border. Will victory be gained by the sword? Or will the wealth of Spice Caravans flood your coffers?

Science & Progress: Technology and invention are the keys to the future! Will you embrace the future, building a University to train your brightest? Will amazing inventions guide you to victory? The thunderous roar of the cannon signals the end of the age of knights!

Rainy Day Game's Card Game Review of Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion:

For those of you who own and enjoy The Settlers of Catan Card Game, Mayfair Games has finally released the English-language set of expansion cards which have been popular in Germany for years. While the original gave you 120 cards and a great diversity of strategies, The Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion gives you 165 NEW cards, more than doubling the size of your deck.

The new cards come in 5 themes, so you can pick and choose how you want to change the flavour of the game. Cutthroat gamers can add the Knights and Merchants or the Wizards and Dragons expansions. Gamers who enjoy this as a developer's game can add the Science and Progress or the Trade and Change expansions.

If you're here looking at this review, you probably already own and enjoy The Settlers of Catan Card Game. If you want to increase the number of cards and strategies in the game, buy this box. Greatly increase the enjoyment and replayability of the original by getting The Settlers of Catan Card Game Expansion.

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