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Shipwrecked board game
Product # OOB6666
Ages 10 and above
No. Of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time About 30 minutes

The Manufacturer's Card Game Review of Shipwrecked:

You are shipwrecked... survive, you must compete head-to-head in a bid for food, shelter, water, and friends. These entertaining contests require strategy, intuition, and nerve to determine who survives and who doesn't.

Fun, quick, and innovative, Shipwrecked will keep everyone on edge until the very end. Perfect for game lovers and castaways, everywhere!

Rainy Day Game's Card Game Review of Shipwrecked:

Here's a fun card game that doesn't cost a lot, and doesn't burn out any neurons. If you're looking for a card game that the family can enjoy or a simple game to fill in the gaps between other games or (gasp!) Real Life, Shipwrecked is for you. Not every game has to be about world domination or simulating the great naval battles of WW2. And what else are you going to do when the Chancellor of Germany has to run out to pick up pizza?

Got a spare 30 minutes? Pull out Shipwrecked and try to outwit your friends. You've all been thrown onto the shore of a deserted island and you have to compete for food, water, shelter, and friend cards. Pull together enough resource cards and you'll walk away the winner. Losers must resist the temptation to start conversations with sporting equipment.

At the core, this is a simple bidding card game. Each turn a new resource card comes up to bid. Every player puts in their bidding cards in progressing rounds of bidding until the owner of the resource card is decided. Don't make the mistake of thinking that winning the resource card is the key to Shipwrecked. The key is knowing when you shouldn't try to win it. If you get stuck winning a card you can't afford, you're out of the game and off the island. It's a long swim home.

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Darryl's Card Game Review of Shipwrecked:

It's been so long since I played Shipwrecked! And the guys just brought it out from the closet. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in August, we sat on the deck and played Shipwrecked while we fired up the BBQ.

And it's really a shame that we left it in the back of the closet so long. Shipwrecked is just an awesome game. We had so much fun bidding and bluffing... The hamburgers actually got burnt. No kidding.

The great thing is that after playing it quite a bit as a casual, social card game about a year ago, it stil held our interest. I guess the reason is that you don't play against the game, or against the rulebook. Shipwrecked is direct, player-to-player interaction. It gets a big thumbs-up from us, and it's going to come back into play more often from now on.

Oh, and we ate those burnt hamburgers anyway. They tasted good after being stranded on an island!

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