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Scene It?

      by  Screen Life
Scene It? board game
Product # SC100
Ages 13 and Above
Playing Time about 45 minutes
Player 2 to 4

The Manufacturer's DVD Game Review of Scene It?:

Scene It tests not just what you remember, but what you've "scene"! Using your DVD player and your remote control, select the question category and then watch a randomly selected scene from a Hollywood movie. You'll see real movie clips with all those unforgettable moments, great lines, and great laughs! Now you rely on memory, word play, observation and puzzle solving to answer a question before time elapses. Then it's a race around the game board. There's plenty of playing-field levelers so you or your team don't have to be movie buffs to enjoy this great party game. Bring back some memories while you're creating new ones! Game includes DVD with easy-to-understand video instructions, video timer and hundreds of memorable scenes. Also includes convertible game board for short and long games, Buzz cards, Scene It cards, numbered die, category die, written instructions, and cast metal playing pieces. Can be played as a solitaire game or in as many as four teams.

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