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Robo Rally

      by  Avalon Hill
Robo Rally board game
Product # WOC95039
Ages 12 and above
Players 2 to 8
Playing Time 40+ min.

Warning: Lasers Active!

As one of several supercomputers in a fully automated widget factory, you have it made. You are brilliant. You are powerful. You are sophisticated. You are BORED.

So enjoy a little fun at the factory's expense! With the other computers, you program factory robots and pit them against each other in frantic, destructive races across the factory floors. Be the first to touch the flags, in order, and you win it all: the honor, the glory, the grudging respect of the other computers. But first you have to get your robot past obstacles like gaping pits, industrial lasers, moving conveyor belts and, of course, all the other robots!

  • Build your own course or race on one of the 30+ layouts included for beginners, experts, and teams!
  • Race to each flag, in a mad dash around obstacles and opponents, to finish first.
  • Configure and reconfigure the factory floor - over a trillion ways - to create a new challenge every time.
  • Maneuver onto conveyor belts and rotating gears to quickly get into the lead or out of a tight spot.
  • Force rival robots into deadly pits and industrial lasers while you try to keep clear.
  • Program your robot to navigate the factory floor, avoid hazards, and interfere with opponents.
  • Customize your robot with deadlier weapons, special equipment, and program upgrades that will give you an edge.
  • Team up or go it alone in a crazed competition with up to eight robots.


    • 8 Plastic Robots
    • 8 Plastic Flags
    • 110 Program and Option Cards
    • 116 Tokens
    • 4 Two-Sided Factory Floor Boards
    • 1 Two-Sided Docking Bay
    • 2 Factory Floor Reference Sheets
    • 8 Player Program Sheets
    • 1 30-Second Sand Timer
    • 1 Rulebook with Course Manual

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