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Road to the White House

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG0462
Ages 12 and above
Players 3 to 6
Playing Time 3 hours

Travel the Road to the White House. Your family and friends will love the chance to outshine this year's Presidential hopefuls and those of years to come.

We all know that presidential candidates make and break the rules. Now players can too when they play this realistic campaign boardgame that simulates the race to become the President of the United States. Using all the campaign tools available to real candidates and their managers, players plot strategies, plan travel, raise money and react to events outside of their control. Unique to Road to the White House are the fictitious presidential candidates who have the strengths and weaknesses of a typical crop of aspirants.

Road to the White House is really three games in one; a "light" version that is quick to learn and play, a version that incorporates positions on issues and the use of dirty tricks, and an advanced version that allows players to develop their own candidates in a complete simulation of a presidential primary campaign.

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