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Rhumb Line

      by  Games Above Board
Product # GAB183521
Ages 10 and above
No. of Players 2
Playing Time About 15 minutes

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Rhumb Line:

Rhumb Line game board

Rhumb Line in Summary

The Rhumb Line board game is a simple and fast abstract game in the tradition of Pente. It'll only take 15 minutes to play and we've started to use it as a quick break on our lunch hour or when waiting for our Pay-per-View movie to start. The simple rules, a quick play time, and a great price make the Rhumb Line board game a good addition to your games closet.

Like other games from Games Above Board, Rhumb Line is a small game suitable for traveling. It's played on a mouse-pad surface with small stones which all fit into a small pouch. We've already taken it on a few trips to our summer cottage and Rhumb Line makes a great diversion while waiting for the barbeque to heat up!

Rhumb Line Gameplay

The rules to the Rhumb Line board game are simple. Players take turns placing stones on a compass rosette. Think of it as a more complex version of Tic-Tac-Toe or maybe Connect Four. You score points for making a row of 4 stones either in a radius (a straight line from center to edge), arc (in a curved line around the center) or in a spiral (a winding line from center to edge).

Players continue alternating stones on the Rhumb Line game board and collecting points for completed lines. The points are marked on the scoring track included on the board.

There's a twist at the end of Rhumb Line. Players can pick up any one of their pieces on the board and replace it somewhere else. We've found that the key to this end game is very careful consideration of the game board because there's always that spiral line lurking around which will catch you in the end if you're not careful.

Who should buy Rhumb Line?

The Rhumb Line board game is so fast and simple that it's hard to tell who should NOT buy it. It fits into the corners of your life, and the Rainy Day Games team enjoys it in our spare moments. It is an abstract strategy game, and some people aren't crazy about that genre. But there is no luck factor at all, and the pure strategy is a big reason why we like this game.

Rhumb Line will fit into your game closet for lots of reasons: it's compact size, it's reasonable price, and the fact that gamers of all styles and ages can play a quick challenging strategy game.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Rhumb Line:

A game of observation, tactics, placement and point accumulation with a twist in the tail to turn the tide and rule the waves... for two players age 10 and over.

Played on a compass rose game board with 17 Officer yellow & 17 Sailor blue nuggets. Velour pouch supplied.

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Rhumb Line
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