Primordial Soup: Freshly Spice Board Game

Primordial Soup: Freshly Spice

      by  Z-Man Games
Product # ZMG7001-E
Ages 12 and above
Players allows 5 to 6
Playing Time 1.5 hours
Requires Primordial Soup

The Manufacturer's Card Game Review of Bang:

The Soup has expanded to encompass even more amoebas as 5 and even 6 players can play at once. To facilitate this expansion we have included two new sets of amoebas and their foodstuff cubes, new gene cards, more biological points, damage beads, and reference sheets for all players.

There are 26 new genes, like 'Fast Food', 'Toxic Excretions', and 'Energy Conservation', to add to the combinations possible with the previous genes (which we also provide) and you can use them in the basic game or in the 5-6 player game. Some of the genes were created by Primordial Soup fans.

So jump into the Soup with more of your friends and see who can evolve best!

You need the basic Primordial Soup board game to use this expansion.

**Note: Requires Primordial Soup to play.

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