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      by  Eagle Games
Odds'R board game
Product # EGL030
No. of Players 2 to 4

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Odds'R:

Get your friends together and get ready for the best boardgame–ever! When you play Odds'R® you're in on every play, betting on your own answers and everyone else's as you move around the action-packed board.

As you go, you'll have a chance to win the lottery on every turn, double your rolls, do the CowChip Flip™ and go for the GrabBag. But watch out! That double roll could send you back. And the GrabBag is full of goodies–and gotchas! Odds'R Q&As are funny, informative and multiple choice. Not-too-easy, but not-too-humiliating either–even if you get dinged for a miss.

The game's over when the first player reaches the InnerCircle. But it's the player with the most money who wins.

Odds'R competition can be casual or cutthroat–but it's always great fun!

Eagle Games, the leader in premium quality strategy boardgames, introduces Odds'R®-The Odds On Everything Game™. This breakthrough concept of really cool questions (written and researched by pros), combined with gambling and big lottery wins, turns the trivia category on its head with the most astounding collection of quirky, funny, and often astounding Q&As ever included in a boardgame. The nonstop action and keen strategy are like nothing else in the history of boardgames. Get your share before Eagle sells out this collectible, First Edition!

From Life or Death, Sex & Sinners, Love & Marriage to Risky Business, Crime & Punishment and Sports: Feats & Defeats, Odds'R has the most talked about and topical categories of any game on the market.

Unlike trivia/memory games, Odds'R gives you a chance to “put-your-moneywhere-your-mouth-is”--betting on yourself AND your opponents for the maximum chance to win! You not only bet on what you think you know, after you've heard the question and seen the answer, you bet on how you think your opponents will do. It's all part of Odds'R's nifty patented play!

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Odds'R:

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