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Napoleon in Europe

      by  Eagle Games
Product # EG300
No. of Players 2 to 7
Ages 10 and above
Playing Time 1 to 20 hours

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The players are leaders of the great powers of the era: France, Great Britain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Spain, and the Ottoman Empire. Using diplomacy and warfare, they attempt to dominate Europe with armies of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. Strategy and tactics used in the game are based on those of the era while remaining fast and playable.

Players must build armies and alliances while maneuvering their forces across a map of Europe. When armies collide, battlelines are formed and battles are fought out as they were then: cannons boom, cavalry charges, and infantry fires volleys or attacks with the bayonet. All the strategy, action, and panorama of history comes alive in Napoleon in Europe.

Napoleon in Europe is an epic game of grand strategy and tactical battles during the age of Napoleon (1796 – 1815).

Hundreds of detailed miniature pieces representing armies of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and leaders allow the players to recreate the look and feel of the battles of the era.

A gigantic 46” x 36” gameboard representing Europe of Napoleon’s time. Conquer it all!

3 sets of rules from Basic to Advanced.

2 to 7 players

Play any of Napoleon’s historic campaigns or rewrite history in a multiplayer scramble for power.

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