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Mille Bornes

      by  Winning Moves
Mille Bornes board game
Product # WNM1020
Ages 8 and above
Players 2, 3, 4, 6
Playing Time 25 to 45 min
Strategy Guide for Mille Bornes board game

You're in a cross-country auto rally through France, and it's filled with real-life traffic hazards. You've run out of gas - do you have a Gasoline card? You've got a flat tire - have you got a spare? Use the deck's special cards to overcome hazards and put obstacles in your opponents' path. Stop them with a Red Light, impose a Speed Limit, cause a Breakdown. But watch out - they're trying to do the same to you! MILLE BORNES . . . Fasten your seat belts for some non-stop action on the road!

Contains: 104 cards and instruction folder with score sheets


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