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      by  Uberplay
Product # UBR107
Ages 8 and above
Playing Time 30-45 minutes
Players 2 to 6

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Metro:


Metro in Summary

The Metro board game is fast and fun with simple rules and a nice puzzle feel to it. Simply lay track tiles onto the Metro map and collect points whenever your train can complete its route. Its quick to learn and you'll be having fun just minutes after you open the box. Combine that with a short game time and you have a perfect family game or casual social game.

Metro Gameplay

The Metro game board has rules so simple they can be explained to a complete beginniner in 5 minutes. The goal of the game is connect a set of trains at their starting stations to a set of destination stations by laying tiles with track.

Players keep a hand of one tile in their hand (a variation allows for larger hands), which allows you to consider the board positions while the other players have their turns. On your turn, you place your tile on the Metro game board and draw a replacement. In the basic rules you have to make sure the arrow printed on the tile lines up in the same orientation as all the other arrows on the board. And that's it!

Whenever a train is connected to a destination station, it sets off on its new track and awards points for every tile that it crosses. If the destination station is on the outer boundary of the board, you get 1 point per tile. If you're travelling to one of the center stations, you get 2 points per tile.

Metro Once all the trains have reached their destinations and all the tiles have been layed on the board, the players check their final scores and declare a winner.

Who should buy Metro?

Metro's charm and character come from its fast and simple game play, not its great strategic depth. Gamers should keep that in mind when deciding whether to buy Metro. If your game closet could benefit from a lighter game that can easily draw in new players and give your experienced players a break from world domination, the Metro board game is a great choice.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Metro:

The Game of Subway Line Building!

You gain points for each tile your subway line crosses. Long, convoluted routes score highest, but beware - your opponents can cross you up by placing their tile to prematurely end your line.

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Darryl's Board Game Review of Metro

I just had a short game of Metro with my wife. It's been quite a while since we dusted this one off, and Metro turned out to be a great quick Saturday afternoon board game.

The rule of Metro allow for some simple position and network management. Half of your moves will be played to limit your opponent's score. At just under 30 minutes, including teaching her the rules, it was perfect. Metro fits the bill for a quick, light mental exercise.

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