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Mammoth Hunters

      by  Rio Grande Games
Product # RIO220
Ages 12 and above
No. Of Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 1 to 2 hours

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Mammoth Hunters:

Mammoth Hunters

Mammoth Hunters in Summary

A Battle for survival in the ancient Ice Age. Early humans fight and hunt amid the advancing glaciers. Will you be able to follow the herds of mammoth and overcome the other tribes of hunters?

Place your hunters on the board and try to stay close to the mighty herd of mammoth for maximum scoring. At the same time, try to force other players out of the best regions. The Mammoth Hunters board game introduces a new game mechanic where you must pay for actions that will benefit you, while you earn money by passing cards which may hurt you to other players. You have to make careful decisions about the order you will play good and bad cards, and also who you will pass cards to.

Lots of player interaction, a 90 minute play time and the lighter feel to the game make Mammoth Hunters game we turn to for a casual social evening together.

Mammoth Hunters Gameplay

The Mammoth Hunters board game a territory control game. You are trying to score points by having hunters on the board. There are 12 regions on the board (although some are covered with glaciers) and mammoth herds roaming the regions. Play begins by all players placing an intial 6 hunters on the board. There will eb 4 rounds, with 4 phases in each round.

The first phase is where most of the game play is. Players can play one card, which can be either light or dark. These cards are the centerpiece of the Mammoth Hunters board game. Light cards will benefit you, and cost money. Dark cards will generaly hurt someone, but playing them will earn you money. To make it more interesting, you do not actually play the dark card yourself, but rather choose another player to pass it to. In this way, you can't go gunning directly for your immediate competition. Both light and dark cards affect general board conditions such as "Place one mammoth" or "Remove any 2 hunters" and will your primary weapon for increasing your scores.

After the card-playing phase, and extinction occurs. You can't just pile 10 hunters into a region: there isn't enough food! A region can support 3 hunters, although a mammoth in the region will allow one more hunter to survive, and a campfire will add a randon number (0 to 2) to the hunter survival. Too many hunters mean some have to die.

Next, a scoring phase! Each hunter is worth one point, plus an extra point for each mommoth in the hunters region. Although a hunter can only score a max. of 3 points, regardless of how many mammoths there are.

A final phase, designed to help out the player in last place. This is the Ice Age, and the glaciers advance. The last place player chooses one region and everything in it, mammoths, hunters, everything, is killed and the region is take out of play.

Mammoth Hunters does have some other detail rules, for example hunters can receive clubs, which protects them from being removed from the board, etc. These are designed to give the game another layer of strategy. At the end of the fourth round, the final score is tallied and the winner determined.

Who should buy Mammoth Hunters?

Mammoth Hunters is a great casual game for a group of friends or maybe family with teenage children. This is a defineitely lighter-weight strategy game. The rules are designed to keep the players close together in point totals and this game does a good job of preventing run-away winners from stealing games early. This is great for casual or younger gamers, but serious strategists can be frustrated.

The rules also work hard to keep all the players involved and interacting. This makes Mammoth Hunters great for groups looking for a relaxing game to play together as a social evening. As a playing group, Rainy Day Games uses Mammoth Hunters as a warm-up for a game night, or something to do while the hockey game is on TV. So if you're looking for a fun territory game, Mammoth Hunters is a great choice.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Mammoth Hunters:

Imagine a cold and windy autumn day about 30,000 years ago. For hours the hunters have shadowed the mammoth herd. Will they succeed? Will they be able to bring down one of the huge beasts?

If they succeed, the beast will feed the tribe for many weeks ...

Players take the role of these fearless ice age hunters. They try to remain close to the mammoth herds as they wander from region to region. As all hunters want to be close to the mammoths, conflict is inevitable. Some will stay, but others will go. In the end, those with clubs rule the regions.

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