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Mall World

      by  Rio Grande Games
Product # RIO248
Ages 12 and above
Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 60 min.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Mall World:

Players compete in the building of Mall World, scheduled to be the largest indoor shopping mall in the world. In the planning of a mall this size, it is important to get the right shops in the right locations and the player best able to do this will win the game!

Mall World is played in 3 rounds. A round is finished when there are no more bribe chips in the mall bureau. Players earn money for their Swiss bank accounts when the special combinations of shops they agreed to promote are achieved in the Mall World shopping center at the end of each round. In the beginning the combinations involve basic use of mall space and how the shops are arranged, then the rent for the shops comes into play. Rent is determined by the combination of shop tiles and target group chips. Approval cards allow special neighboring uses as well as specific rents. The player with the most money in their Swiss bank account wins.

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