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      by  Typoplate
Product # TYP8181
Ages 13 and above
Players 3 to 6 and more!
Playing Time 45 to 90 min.

The object and play of the game is simple, make your way around the game board and get to the end first.  The special spinner design will tell you how many moves to take and randomly pick a Judge with every spin!
Once a Judge has been decided, and the turn's player has moved his/her player piece the appropriate number of spaces, the Judge then picks a card and reads from the corresponding color the player lands on. The players then perform the activity on the card for the Judge, and then the Judge decides who s/he liked the best. (Remember the Judge has all the power, and can require activities be done again, if he just can't quite choose!)  Those players get to move 3 free spaces on the board.

Red is Impressions
Blue is Art
Yellow is Performance

In the event that the Judge must read a Red, the players must do their best Impression of whatever is on the card. If the Judge reads an Yellow, the players must do their best Performance of whatever is on the card. When the Judge reads a Blue, the players use the sand timer and have 30 secs to Draw whatever is on the card.

By the end of game play, all players will have had the chance to Judge, show their skills in all of the categories. Hilarity results from performing the said Idiosyncrasy successfully, as well as the attempts made along the way.  

The player who makes her way around the board to the end, first, wins the game. Keep in mind, Idiosyncrasies works very well with team play!

Idiosyncrasies is the opposite of Trivial Pursuit -- it's not what you know -- it's
what you can do. 
Sit back and watch friends and family doodle, dance, sing, contort, improvise,
imitate, juggle, fold, rhyme, balance, bounce, clap, snap, snort, shout, roll eyes,
and measure tongues!

Everyone plays all the time, every round, every game.

And if you win, you really have to wonder why?!?


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