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Product # GAB137494
Ages 10 and above
No. of Players 2
Playing Time About 30 minutes

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Hijara:

Hijara game board

Hijara in Summary

The Hijara board game is a fun and fast abstract strategy game with such simple rules but a deceptive depth to it. You can certainly play it as just a time-killer, but it really rewards players who concentrate and pay attention to the evolving state of the game board.

You'll get addicted to the shifting possibilities as each play opens up a new dimensions (literally) to play.

Hijara Gameplay

The Hijara board game has only one rule, and it's so simple that you may be tricked into thinking this is a simple game. Far from it; the combinations and permutations this one rule can create makes for a complex abstract strategy challenge.

First, take a look at the Hijara board. There are 16 squares, and each square is divided into 4 numbered sections. (Take care to notice the difference.) The two players take turns placing stones on the Hijara game board. You can place your stone on any square, but you must place your stone on the lowest-numbered open section. So for any square the first stone must be on the 1, second on the 2, etc.

You score by getting your stones in 4 squares in a row if a) all four are on the same numbered section (10 points) or b) they are on 4 sequentially numbered sections (i.e. 1-2-3-4 for 15 points). And the special 20 point prize is for players who can fill all four sections of a square with their own stones.

Points are scored throughout the game as they happen, and the winner is decided by comparing totals when the last stone is layed.

Who should buy Hijara?

The Hijara board game's rules are so simple to understand, even your kids will enjoy this game. For more mature gamers, it's actually a very interesting 3-D tower building game mapped onto a 2-D game board. (bonus points if you can figure out why) It's a great price too, so you'll really get your money's worth. For anyone who enjoys abstract strategy games, this unique game will bring you hours of enjoyment.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Hijara:

A singular game of concentration, tactics, placement and point accumulation with only a single rule. It's not a matter of luck who overshadows whom, it's mind over matter ... for two players age 10 and over.

Played on a numbered game board with 33 blue & 33 yellow small stones. Velour pouch supplied.

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