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High Society

      by  Uberplay
High Society board game
Product # UBR102
Ages 10 and above
Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 30 minutes

Congratulations! You sold your startup company months before the big crash. Who would have guessed that selling freeze-dried strawberries over the Internet would have been worth millions and millions of dollars?

After acquiring your new wealth, you now face the enviable challenge of becoming the wealthiest and most admired tycoon of them all.

In this day and age of mansions, technology, and extravagant luxuries, there are so many choices of where to spend your money. But if you are wise in your affairs, you may emerge the ultimate winner in the game of High Society!

High Society! features the following components:

  • 55 Money Cards of varying denominations in 5 different colors (11 cards per color)
  • 16 Status Cards which include:
    • 10 Luxury Possession Cards
    • 3 Recognition Cards
    • 3 Misfortune Cards
  • 1 Full-color Rule Booklet

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