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      by  GiftTRAP inc.
GiftTRAP board game
Product # GTE001
Ages 13 and above
Players 3 to 8
Playing Time 45 to 75 min.

GiftTRAP : It's more than a game! Who? What? Why?

Imagine sitting down with a group of the people you love (your friends and family). You must give each of them one of these gifts. You can only give each gift once!

Who gets which gift and why? Would you dare give all the gifts?  Will you tell them why you chose their gift?

Can you match gifts to your friends better than anyone else? Are you gifted? How deep is your knowledge? How strong is your intuition/empathy?

Which gifts would you choose for yourself? Which gift would you least want?  Will you explain? Will your friends give you what you want?

Playing makes every day feel like Christmas. It’s a lot of fun finding out! It’s the perfect gift for every gift list this holiday. A simple choice. A must for your shopping list!

What is GiftTRAP?

It’s a fun, social board-game. If you’ve ever given and received a gift then you practically know how to play.

- Deal some gifts and place them on the gift grid for all to see.

- Look at the gifts and look at your friends and decide which gift to give to which friend.

- Now look at the gifts and choose which gifts you would want and which gift you wouldn’t want.

The real fun and conversations begin as each player matches the gifts they received to the gifts they choose.

- If you give or get a good gift, you get points.

- If you give or get a bad gift you loose points.

Winning is about being as good at giving the right gift as you are at being given gifts you most want.

It’s that simple, and lots of fun. Be prepared for some surprises. When you play with friends and family you will get some great ideas for gifts you know they really want and have some fun conversations! It really is the perfect gift to get for just about all your friends and family.

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