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      by  Rio Grande Games
Fiji board game
Product # RIO296
Ages 10 and above
Players 2 to 5
Playing Time 30 min.

The south sea, AD 1777! Three years after James Cook visited the islands, the islands are embroiled in a contest for possession of legendary shrunken heads. The players’ only desire is to acquire these "head attractions" for shipment to museums in Europe. Although the islanders are very interested in trading their treasures with the Europeans for the glass beads they offer, their traditions require that such exchanges be done during a special KAWA ritual. Thus, the players must submit to this ritual by playing against each other using their beads to acquire the prized shrunken heads.

The winner will leave the island with the treasure. The losers may remain to provide further treasures. In Fiji the players can make tricky trading businesses in an exotic environment. With a single bid they must fulfill four conditions simultaneously as best as possible. Sometimes the residents want to get the most green glass beads and at the same time have a nice prize for the lowest total bid, too. In several game rounds the players will find a lot of surprising results during the auctions.


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