Entdecker - Exploring New Horizons Board Game

Entdecker - Exploring New Horizons

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG0499
Ages 10 and above
Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 60 to 90 min.

Land Ho! After your journey through chartless seas, a crewman has sighted land! But how much land? How many islands? Will there be pirates? or gold? Will you or your foes succeed in harvesting the fruits of this rich, jungle paradise? Resources are limited so the placement of settlements, forts, and scouts combined with the careful selection of routes will determine if your paths lead to glory! Will your courage hold long enough to secure fame and wealth through exploration and discovery?

Unique land-sea tiles make every game of Entdecker a completely new experience. The size and shape of the islands develop differently in every game, so the excitement of discovery can be enjoyed again and again and again! But there is more to Entdecker than the exploration of the island chains!

You must skillfully place your settlements and forts to secure recognition for your exploration, and deploy your band of scouts to search the unknown jungles and discover native tribes and the bounty of the islands. When the exploration is done, whoever claims the most valuable jungle plants may be remembered as the most successful explorer! Journey to new and unexplored horizons with Entdecker!

Gameboard, 180 discovery tiles, 1 explorer ship, 79 wooden pieces including settlements, forts, and scouts, 9 produce tokens, 7 native chieftan huts, 33 coins, 1 cloth bag, 1 special die, rules, Prof. Easy's Introduction to Entdecker.

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