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David & Goliath

      by  Playroom Entertainment
David & Goliath board game
Product # PLE10100
Ages 8 and above
Players 3 to 6
Playing Time 20 min.

David & Goliath™ The Game Where SIZE Doesn't Matter!

Who will win this battle of strength and wits? "Goliath" (highest) cards are stronger and can capture more cards, but by cleverly playing the "David" (lowest) card, it allows you to take the highest card in that trick. Capture cards and increase your score, but more is not always merrier!

The twist in David & Goliath is that each card is worth its face value, up to two cards per color. If you have more than two per color, each is now worth only one point! It's the Large vs. the Small in this fun family game, where a clever balance of the two will help you win the battle!

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