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Cranium - Canadian Edition

      by  Cranium Inc.
Cranium - Canadian Edition board game
Product # CRA-04001
Ages 13 and above
Players 4 or more
Playing Time 1 hour

The game for your whole brain

Have outrageous fun with friends and family playing Cranium, the smash-hit party game. Everyone will have a chance to shine as your team hums, whistles, sketches, sculpts, acts, puzzles, and even spells backwards to win.

Play the game that Julia Roberts told Oprah Winfrey is "the most fun game - we can't stop playing it." You will not believe what your friends can do!

Cranium English Canadian Edition is packed with quintessentially Canadian content and comes with the Cranium board, 800 outrageous cards, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, a ten-sided Cranium die, a timer, Cranium pads and pencils, and four Cranium play pieces. Actual brains not included!

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