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      by  Rio Grande Games
Product # RIO207
Ages 10 and above
Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 30 minutes

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Clans:

Clans in Summary

It’s our newest answer to the simple fun board game. The Clans board game is set at the early beginnings of human civilization. As you aggregate your huts together into villages, try to manipulate join the largest and largest number of villages to have the most successful Clan.

Clans Gameplay

The Clans board game redefines the “Easy to learn” segment of board games. Wooden huts in 5 clans (colours) are randomly distributed on the game board and players draw tile giving them a Clan. This is KEPT SECRET until the end of the game, so that other players are never quite sure when they are hurting or helping you.

How’s this for simple: each turn a player takes all the huts from one area on the map and moves it to an adjacent area. That’s all.

There are a couple of rules. First, every movement must join together huts. You cannot move a group of huts into an empty area. Second, once seven huts form a group, it cannot be moved.

Once a group of huts is totally isolated (all adjacent areas are empty) it becomes a village and is scored. The person who caused the village to be formed gets a bonus point and everyone with huts in the village scores points. The one exception is if all five Clans appear in a village. In that case, any Clan with only one hut is removed from the village before the scores are calculated.

To make things more strategic, the game is divided into epochs. Each epoch has a good and a bad terrain type. Villages created on the good side of the current epoch get bonus points while villages creates on the bad side are destroyed without scoring at all (a good way to remove that choice village you’re not a part of.)

And that is almost the entire rulebook. Play is over after twelve villages are formed, or there are no more moves possible on the game board. The Clans total up their points and THEN players reveal which Clan they have been playing.

Who should buy Clans?

The Clans board game is fast, simple, fun. Explaining the rules will take you 3 minutes. Children, non-gamers, almost anyone can play this game. The box says 30 minutes per game, but most of our games are closer to 20 minutes. Before the main event of a game night, after the main event, or when players are taking a bathroom/smoke break, Clans fits in perfectly.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Clans:

The game is set in late pre-history, a time of transition - when our distant ancestors, who had struggled and barely survived for ages in very small nomadic groups, began to feel their lives would be more secure and less arduous if they formed larger groups. This led to the formation of the first villages. The players compete to be involved in the most and most valuable villages.

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