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      by  Rio Grande Games
Caribbean board game
Product # RIO260
Ages 10 and above
Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 30 min.

In the Caribbean of the 18th century, six pirate ships lie in wait on the sea, ready to pillage the rich ports, or to rob the booty from other ships. The sea is divided into spaces. Each player is in possession of three safe havens. The aim of each player is to lure the pirates to deliver treasure chests to one of his own sage havens, and not to the sage havens of the opponents.

The pirate ships do not belong to any player. That is why the players must bribe the pirates each time they want a pirate ship to act on their behalf. And what is the greatest temptation for a Caribbean pirate? Rum of course, barrels full of rum! In every round, the players try anew their best to bribe the pirates. The player who has offered the most rum to a ship gets to move that ship as many spaces as the number of barrels shown on the bribing chip. A ship can rob a treasure chest from a port or from another ship, swap treasure chests with another ship, and/or deliver a treasure chest to a safe haven. The aim is to have the most doubloons at the end of the game.

  • 1 game board
  • 6 pirate ships
  • 4x7 bribing cards
  • 4 card holders
  • 16 treasure chests
  • 35 coins
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