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Battle Cry

      by  Avalon Hill
Product # HAS41325
Ages 12 and above
No. Of Players 2
Playing Time About 1 hour

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Battle Cry:

Step back in time and lead your armies in 15 classic Civil War battles. Match wits with such great American generals as Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, "Fighting Joe" Hooker, and "Stonewall" Jackson. Maneuver your infantry, artillery, and cavalry across the customizable game board representing the actual features from each battlefield.

Battle Cry elegantly recreates the greatest clashes of the Civil War. Players use cards to order their units to move and attack. With a few simple rules, Battle Cry neatly captures the generals' problems of trying to command massive armies across miles of battlefield, and the opportunities for sudden action that can turn near-defeat into victory.

Refight these thrilling battles:
First Bull Run--21st July, 1861
Pea Ridge--7th March, 1862
Kernstown--23rd March, 1862
Shiloh--6th April, 1862
Gaines Mill--27th June, 1862
Brawner's Farm--28th August, 1862
Antietam--17th September, 1862
Battle CryFredericksburg--13th December, 1862
Murfreesboro--31st December, 1862
Chancellorsville--3rd May, 1863
Gettysburg--2nd July, 1863
Gettysburg--3rd July, 1863
Chickamauga--20th September, 1863
New Market--15th May, 1864
New Hope Church--25th May, 1864

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Battle Cry:

The Battle Cry board game offers gamers an excellent way to enjoy the thrill of battle in a board game without spending all day doing it. Rather than recreating the entire American Civil War, you recreate individual battles. This keeps the average playtime somewhere around an hour.

More importantly, the rules are SIMPLE, which lets you get to the business of being a general, rather than a statistician. The decisions you have to make are about movement, attack and defense, not about hit percentages, troop fatigue, etc, etc.

Battle Cry won't satisfy the hardcore war gamer who wants epic simulation of war. But even they have to take a break once in a while. While being short and simple, Battle Cry offers a serious, historically accurate theme. The high-quality miniatures included are detailed and realistic. The battles and strategies, although "paraphrased" by the rules, reflect the actual places and units and people in the Civil War.

The Battle Cry board game is more of a war gaming system than just a board game. While other great war games such as Axis and Allies present a static board and static starting position, Battle Cry provides rules which serve for any of the 15 included scenarios, as well as the many additional scenarios to be found on the net, or created by yourself.

When you take into account the theme, the high-quality pieces, the ease of play, and the amazing replayability/extendability, the Battle Cry board game has to be one of our highest rated war games. Anyone interested in war games, whether casually or fanatically, will enjoy it.

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Kevin's Board Game Review of Battle Cry:

Well, I'm Canadian. The Civil War doesn't speak to me the same way it does to Americans. Or that's the impression I get. So for gamers outside of the US some of the theme-value of this board game is lost.

But the fact is that Battle Cry is a board game that can overcomes this. I readily admit that I'm not a hardcore war game player like some of you maybe reading this. And a 4 or 5 hour game of Axis and Allies can really turn me off. But I'm always up for playing a scenario or two of Battle Cry.

If you enjoy the war game genre, and with the endless modifications and extensions, this board game will a solid use of your gaming money.

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