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Bang! - Dodge City

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Bang! - Dodge City board game
Product # MFG4707
Ages 8 and above
Number of Players 3 to 8
Playing Time About 30 minutes
Requires Bang!
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Rainy Day Game's Card Game Review of Bang! - Dodge City:

Bang! - Dodge City in Summary

Dodge City is the latest expansion to Bang!, one of our favourite big-group gard games. Dodge City does change a few rles, but for the most part it's a bigger, more varied version of the orginal. You'll have a greater variety of cards, and now 8 pople can play!

Bang! - Dodge City Gameplay

There aren't a lot of gameplay innovations here - you're expanding your Bang! Game, not replacing it. You get a brand-new set of Role cards, now with 8 players. There are 15 (!) new role cards to choose from. And a bunch of new action cards fill out the 63 cards in this deck.

One of the new features of Dodge City is the green-bordered card. These new cards are played infront of you and then activated on your NEXT turn. They're powerful, but other players can plan for them too...

And with 8 players, you now have 2 Renegades out trying to kill everyone. But of course being Renegades, they don't work together and are sure to start firing if the chance arises.

Who should buy Bang! - Dodge City?

So although Dodge City isn't revolutionary change for Bang! players, you get more players, more characters, more variety... And for a great price. If you own and are a fan of Bang!, Dodge City will take it to the next level. The RDG Team puts this in that "Must Buy" category for any fan of the original. Dodge City sure is a fun town to visit!

The Manufacturer's Card Game Review of Bang! - Dodge City:

Unknown gunmen stalk the city. Try to keep away from them... and for security's sake be sure to wear a metal plate! The second expansion for BANG! - featuring new characters and cards allowing for play by 3 or 8 players.

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