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Atlas & Zeus

      by  Eurogames Descartes
Atlas & Zeus board game
Product # EGD2787
Ages 12 and above
Players 2
Playing Time 30 minutes

As Plato first attested to in Critias, Atlantis was entrusted to the Titan Atlas by the gods, long before the dawn of history. His sons created there a magnificent civilization.

But when Atlas disappeared, his sons divided themselves into two clans and battled each other for the ultimate prize: sole rule over the kingdom of Atlantis and all of its riches.

Zeus, the ruler of all gods, decided to intervene and punish the greedy clans. He sent them a might flood that, in the span of one day and one night, engulfed the entire archipelago!

Atlas & Zeus allows you to relive the final moments of Atlantis, the epic struggle of Atlas' sons for survival and Zeus's pardon. Who will succeed in becoming the last of the Atlantians?

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