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      by  Rio Grande Games
Ark board game
Product # RIO282
Ages 8 and above
Players 3 to 5
Playing Time 45 min.
Expansion Ark: Extra Mix

Noah is tearing out his beard and the time-pressure is difficult. Clouds are gathering and the rain could come anytime. The weather forecast is not good. Meanwhile, animals are gathering before the ark. Now, a handful of people are offering to help, but they look like gamblers and game players! The animals slowly drag along and nothing can be said to speed them up. Fortunately, the helpers manage to keep the animals from attacking each other. And, now someone has cleverly stored 2 loads of grain with the Tyranno. His reasoning was that there was room AND the animal would not eat it as it is a meat-eater! Now, if only the ark can be launched without capsizing...

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