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Anno 1503

      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG3302
Ages 10 and above
Number of Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 90 min.

Brave pioneers explore uncharted islands in tall ships, finding bountiful lands that yield valuable resources, while establishing homes and becoming the first settlers of this new world. Soon their isolated cabins grow together, forming villages, and before long they begin to establish trade with the inhabitants of neighboring islands. The island world begins to grow – the inhabitants attaining prosperity and wealth as they become skilled in trades and commerce. This idle life is treacherous – wildfires threaten the rapidly growing colonies, and the seas hide gold-greedy pirates intent on booty & plunder...

ANNO 1503 includes: 1 Game Board, 90 Commodity Cards, 4 Home Islands, 32 Island Tiles, 28 Colonist Tiles, 14 “Public Building” Tiles, 16 Coat of Arms Markers, 8 Wooden Ships, 1 Die, and 1 Rulebook.

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