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      by  Rio Grande Games
Product # RIO237
Ages 12 and above
Players 2 to 4
Playing Time 1 hour

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Alexandros:

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Alexandros game board

Alexandros in Summary

The Alexandros board game is a tight game of territory control set in the time of Alexander the Great. As Alexander (Alexandros is the Greek language version?) matches to war across the Orient, he divides the lands he finds into territories.

As a general in Alexandros' army, you will attempt to control the territories. They produce taxes and it's a race to see who can collect the most and attract Alexandros' favour.

Alexandros Gameplay

The Alexandros board game seemed like a complicated game when we first opened it and started to learn it. It turns our that Alexandros suffers a bit from the English rules. We'll try to give a bit of a better guide here.

The Alexandros game board is cut into triangles, each representing an area of land. Some of the areas are blank, and they produce income if you control them. Other areas have a symbol on them. These symbols also appear in the deck of cards that comes with the game.

At the start of your turn, there are two of those cards face up. You have to choose one of them and move the Alexandros token to an area of land matching that symbol. It must be the closest area with that symbol, but if two are tied, you can choose which one to move to. Alexandros moves along the edges of the triangles and stops on the points. As he moves along, he lays boundary walls. These boundary walls (combined with the edge of the board) carve the land into territories.

Alright, you've moved Alexandros and laid some walls; now what? You can do two of these things:
Take a card - these pay for occupying or taking over a territory
Occupy a territory - move in 1-4 generals and pay a card for any uncovered symbols
Liberate a territory - pay two cards for every opponent general in the territory, and then you still have to occupy it!
Tax the people - Only once a turn you can receive income from your provinces if they have one and only one general in them. But be careful, because all players get income. So only do this when you're the income leader, or it will put you over the top to win.

How about winning? In the Alexandros board game, there are two winning conditions. First, if the game runs out of wall markers, the current player finishes his turn and then the largest money total wins. Second, on a turn when 1 or more players get 100 points, the game finishes (largest total wins again).

Who should buy Alexandros?

The Alexandros board game is a classic Euro-style territory control game. The rules are abstract and the theme has very little to do with the game play. But the rules create an interesting mental puzzle. It's held our attention for a dozen plays now and we'll probably keep on working on this one. This is more of a gamer's game, so don't buy this for Aunt Winnifred and expect her to have a great time. But for people who enjoy a puzzle with great Eurogame production values, Alexandros is a gem of a game.

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Alexandros:

Alexander moves with army back and forth across Asia Minor, conquering the land as he passes. To bring peace to these newly conquered lands and to reward his generals, he gives them control of the new lands. The generals establish administration over the lands and levy taxes on the people living there. Naturally, each general tries to acquire the most productive lands for himself. With more productive lands, the general can levy higher taxes, show his worth to Alexander, and win the game!

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