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      by  Avalon Hill
Product # HAS41305
Ages 12 and above
No. of Players 2 to 6
Playing Time About 90 minutes

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of Acquire:

Acquire in Summary

The Acquire board game pits you against your friends to see who can control the hotel industry in a city. You can build and develop your hotel chains and buy stock in them, but your opponents can take over your chains and leave you with nothing but a severance package. Get back in the game and start building more hotels and buying stock, because the only thing that matters is who's on top at the end.

This interaction, where players positions and fortunes are directly affected by the actions of the other plaers, is our favorite aspect of Acquire. You can mercilessly perform hostile takeovers on your opponents, but be ready for the retribution!

The Acquire board game has challenged gamers for over 40 years now. That's a testament to how great this game is: your group of friends will love playing this game over and over. This new edition of Acquire by Avalon Hill has great materials and design.

Acquire Gameplay

The Acquire board game begins with a blank grid labeled rows A to I and columns numbered 1 to 12. Players draw hotel tiles and lay them on the board, trying to form linked chains of hotels.

On your turn, you select one of the 6 hotel tiles in your hand. Each tile has its position printed on it, and you must place the tile there. If two or more hotels line up vertically or horizontally, a chain is formed and a bunch of actions can take place. And finally, your turn ends with you drawing a tile to replace the one you played.

In Aquire, a new chain is formed when two hotels are layed beside each other. When a chain is formed, you select the chain's name from those available. You can buy stock in their chains which pay off at the end of the game, or when chains merge.

Chains merge when the gap on the board between them is bridged by a newly built hotel. The larger chain takes over the smaller one. Majority shareholders get bonuses and play continues. The hotel chains are constantly growing and merging, so you have to stay on top of the current situation and make sure you own the right stock to benefit from the next change.

That's just a quick overview of the gameplay of the Acquire board game, but it really ease almost that easy. Acquire's strength is the elegance of its rules, and you'll play dozens of times figureing out the strategies to capitalise on.

Who should buy Acquire?

The Acquire board game is one of the best economy games we've played, and people who enjoy those games need to get Aquire. It's a simple game that many people can play, so it won't sit in your closet waiting for your "serious gaming friends" to come over.

For every gamer who dreams of being Donald Trump: the Acquire board game will give you a taste. Buy Acquire now and start building your empire!

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of Acquire:

Do you have what it takes to amass a fortune?

The companies start small, but they grow ... and merge ... and reform ... and merge again. Buy the right stocks, merge the right companies, and you'll become rich and powerful. Make the wrong choices, and you'll be left behind by the competition.

In Acquire, the classic game of corporations, you build, buy, and manipulate corporate conglomerates. Nurture your companies carefully for maximum return, but be careful--if they get too attractive, your competitors will "acquire" them and you'll be out the door.

Acquire combines sharp business sense with clever positional play on the board to create a simple, unique, challenging game that can be played over and over without ever getting stale. Tycoons of all ages should expect the unexpected in this race to riches.

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