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      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG0471
Ages 14 and above
No. Of Players 3 to 7
Playing Time About 6 hours

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of 1870:

This extension of the 18xx game takes players to the trans- Mississippi Valley of midwestern America. 1870 combines the successful 18xx system with a new geographic venue and new custom rules while still allowing players to build railroad and enter into share speculation. The ability to engage in the infamous abuses of corporate power only add to the fun.

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of 1870:

1870 board game 1870 is another of the epic 18XX series of railroad board games produced by Mayfair Games. Along with the others in the 18XX board game family, this game is one of the most detailed, complex games you can buy.

To buy the 1870 board game, you really have to enjoy gaming, and in particular train games. This game is not going to go by quickly or help to pass the time on a rainy day. It's a commitment in time and brain power. 1870 is set in the American MidWest south to the Gulf of Mexico, and its theme is the development of the huge East-West rail lines that linked the two coasts. Players buy stock in railroad companies and not only do they supervise the purchase of trains and track, but they must carefully manipulate the balance sheet of their companies. It's not only a train game with a simple income/expenditures model like Empire Builder. This is a true industrial economy simulation which will provide literally decades of thought to truly master.

The real innovations to the 18XX system are in the economy model. The 1870 board game provides some realistic and strategically important options. For example, companies can buy stock back from players and reissue later to raise more capital. It also offers some innovative ways for players to protect the price of the stock of the companies they themselves manage.

We recommend the 1870 board game to gamers who want to buy a train game with a very strong stock/economy component. The rail building component is very well balanced and somewhat static with its heavy focus on East-West rail links. As with other games in the 18XX series, it's best to plan an entire game day or even game weekend around 1870; expect games to routinely run 6 hours or more, although we've heard of fast experienced players who can knock off a game in 4.

Should you buy the 1870 board game? People who enjoy intense geographic strategy, complex economy simulations, and choo choo trains will find the ultimate challenge in 1870.

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