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      by  Mayfair Games, Inc.
Product # MFG0472
Ages 14 and above
No. Of Players 3 to 7
Playing Time About 6 hours

The Manufacturer's Board Game Review of 1856:

1856 is Mayfair Games' version of the critically acclaimed 18XX railroad game system for Upper Canada, including the upper reaches of the St. lawrence River, and the Toronto to Detriot area fo southern Ontario. Players use their initial money to capitalize railroad companies, which can in turn build track, buy locomotives, and generate income. Players may engage in corporate raiding, stock manipulation, and insider trading to take advantage of their opponents and win the day. Special play features include the ability of every player to open and operate a rail company, with the government providing loans to help and the ability to cut small towns from your route. Deluxe components include warp-resistant board, plastic sorting tray, high quality playing pieces and contemporary currency.

Rainy Day Game's Board Game Review of 1856:

1856The 1856 board game is one of the largest, most complex, and most challenging games we've ever played. In fact, the only other games that compare are the other 18XX series games. 1856 in particular interested us because it's set in Canada, and Rainy Day Games is proudly CANADIAN, eh!

The 1856 board game is a simulation of the entire railroad industry in the mid-19th century in Upper Canada. Not only building track and making deliveries (like in Empire Builder), players capitalise corporations, issue and purchase stock, occasionally declare bankruptcy or perform hostile takeovers of other players corporations. All of this taking place with realistic recreations of the currency in use in 1856, which is by far the coolest component of the game.

We'd like to recommend 1856 to all Canadians just because it's one of the few Canada-themed games out there, however we must acknowledge that this game isn't for everyone. We don't want you to buy a game you'll be unhappy with so we'll tell you up front. This is a long, complex game. It is definitely for serious gamers who enjoy having game days, not just a quick game after dinner. Our first game of 1856 where we tried to figure out the rules ended up lasting more than 9 hours. Now that we're more comfortable with the game it's taking the 6 hours that it is supposed to take.

However, if you haven't been scared off yet and you're still reading this review, then maybe the 1856 board game is for you. If the idea of a truly epic economic and railroad industry simulation peaks your interest, buy 1856 and enjoy the challenge.

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